The Power of a positive morning routine

Almost all highly successful people have a powerful & positive morning routine, that allows them to reset each morning & sets them up for the day.
With out a positive morning routine you will start each day in a haze in a rush with no clear direction. You may start with saying a series of highly negative things to your self like, “whats the point in getting out of bed?” “What did I do wrong yesterday?” “Why am I not happy? “ You will instinctively answer these questions so its like having a good friend tell you your useless each morning! How can you expect to get the most out of your day like this? Or even expect to enjoy your day?

I have had a really good morning routine for around 7 months now, because I reset each morning I don’t carry the stress from the day before so I am able to push harder at self improvement in other areas of my life. My mind is also the clearest it has ever been which allows me to focus more on my actual life, family and goals rather than be caught up in the haze of modern life.

My morning routine
Wake up to a great song- Think positively about the day (I am lucky this comes easy but if it doesn’t for you then you must make it a habit, ask yourself the same positive question “what am I looking forward to doing today?” It may be tough at first but it will get better)
Cold shower – I finish each shower with some ice cold bursts. This releases a lot of endorphins & also its a great boost for your immune system
Stretch – I get a tight lower back so I stretch this every morning & its now fine. I also do a 10 second Plank
Meditate – This is the big changer for me I struggled for a long time to get meditation into a routine and now use the headspace app it also takes just 15 minutes.
Coffee – After I meditate I set up my coffee pot and read a good book while it brews.

A morning routine creates a habit of self improvement
Our busy lives mean each day we develop mental and physical tension so its very important to reset each day I find doing meditation and flexibility solves both these, but some people will find yoga an excellent answer for them both.
Every person will have the perfect morning routine for themselves which will develop with time. So don’t focus on copying others but please do start building yours.

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