Cambridge Personal Training

Personal training and classes

Firstly we help you achieve your goals through personal raining and classes, from weight loss, injury rehabilitation to marathons.

We are an experienced team of personal trainers who have our own gym in Milton so a great location for anyone in North Cambridge & the science park.

At our own Gym

Our gym is well equipped and welcoming. We have a highly effective system teaching you how to get stronger fitter and move well. Your coach will also help you master your nutrition and flexibility and core strength.

Once you have mastered how to move well you are then able to join our group classes or continue with personal training, the group classes are high quality and fantastic fun. Being part of a community of people who care about health and fitness. This is a fantastic model to keep fit for life as once you move onto the classes you pay the class rate but still get the support of your coach.

How we work – Mixing personal training & classes

Our system of mixing personal training and classes means our clients get the benefit of quality from personal training but also can train more regularly by also coming to our classes.

personal trainer with client

Learn how to move well – Start with personal training, everyone needs specific training to help them move to the best of their ability. We start by mastering the basic movements then add weight and intensity.

We all need our own coach – All our members have their own coach who looks after them through out their time at our gym. They make sure your training regularly and moving well. You will also be going to mostly your coaches classes.

Join our Classes – We have a variety of classes to suit your goals and compliment your personal training sessions. These sessions are much cheaper than personal training so means our clients train more regularly and are also having fun in our community.

Results – Measuring improvements and setting new goals makes such a difference. All our clients have a personal training session every 3 months minimum.

Who we are

We are all experienced and friendly personal trainers, we specialise in strength, fitness and mastering how to move well.

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What sets us apart

We help people move well and live a healthy life. As a team we always study and share this knowledge, we also work to support our members and make sure they are having fun and getting results.

Because our gym is an inviting and fun place to be our members come more often which helps them get better results and results by getting results this further inspires our members to come in.