Gymnastic personal trainers in Cambridge

Gymnastics and calisthenics are a fantastic way to train. By training them you can build a really balanced strength whilst learning some fantastic skills.   

We are lucky to have really experienced gymnasts in our personal training team who specialise in gymnastics coaching, Charlotte and Thea especially as they have both competed as gymnasts. But all our team love to practice and develop these skills and strengths.

Charlotte & Thea Hanstand

Our gymnastic personal trainers


Has over 5 years coaching and programming our gymnastics class. Charlotte started gymnastics at the age of 4, reaching county level. She competed in the bars, floor, vault and beam and achieved numerous medals. Charlotte runs our regular handstand course and muscle up course with Luke.

Charlotte on gymnastics rings


Is a fantastic gymnast who won 3 British team gold medals. Thea is a fantastic athlete and coach, she has worked with some of the best coaches in the UK. Click here to read more about Thea’s gymnastics background. 

The and Charlotte handstand hold


Has completed the Crossfit gymnastics level one coaching qualification. Luke is a great athlete and coach at gymnastics for strength and fitness, specialising in muscle ups.      

Luke demonstrating a holo body


Is a great rounded athlete . She is a very strong and experienced gymnastics for Crossfit. Her qualification in Post natal personal training gives her a detailed understanding of the core training and how to rebuild this after pregnancy.

Olwen doing a handstand

The benefits of training gymnastics

The basics of gymnastics requires you to build stability, balance, proprioception and strength across the whole body. 

You will develop a very strong core. But not just in the trunk, also in the shoulders and legs.   

We teach everyone from beginners to experienced athletes, you don’t need to be good at gymnastics to want to learn. In some ways that’s kind of the point, you’re coming to us because you need or want to have this, so starting as a complete beginner can be incredibly satisfying.  

Gymnastic movements we teach:

Front Lever on rings

Our team is very experienced and they are also good athletes who can do these movements well. 

All these movements a broken down into beginner movements until you are strong enough to advance to the next level.

Here is a list of some of the most common movements we teach:

Muscle ups – Ring and bar

Handstand Hold, handstand walk, handstand push ups and handstand pirouettes

Front and back levers (In picture above)

Ring dips and parallel bar

L sit to bent arm stand

Headstand/ hand balancing

Salmon ladder   

Pull overs

Skin the cat

Toes to bar – Strict and kipping

Pull ups – Kipping pull ups, butterfly pull ups

How does gymnastics personal training work?

Firstly we do a free consultation and fitness assessment. During this we will figure out where you are and what your goals are. From here we plan your first session. 

In your first session we will warm up, and slowly build in strength movements which you will be using. We will then go through each movement together slowly increasing the complexity of each movement once you can complete it. 

From here we can design you a program to do at the gym or at home on your own in between your sessions with us.  

Gymnastic classes

Charlotte demonstrating a hollow body hold
Charlotte coaching the gymnastics class

Our regular gymnastic class is on Wednesdays at 6:30pm. This is a great stand alone class for beginners or experienced athletes and can be a great way to compliment coaching and reduce the cost of personal training.

How to start with us? 

  1. Just fill in the contact us form below.
  2. We will then book a free consultation and fitness assessment at a time that suits you.
  3. Come along to our gym in Cambridge to meet your personal trainer, we will find out your goals and also measure your current ability. 
  4. Start your one to one gymnastics

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