Olympic weight lifting coaching in Cambridge

We specialise in one to one Olympic lifting coaching. All our personal trainers are qualified British weight lifting instructors with lots of hours coaching experience and we all lift competitively ourselves. 

Luke Coaching Olympic lifting to Matt
Thea coaching Snatch

What is Olympic weight lifting? 

Olympic weight lifting is a sport where athletes compete lifting a weight from the ground to over their head. 

There are two lifts- Snatch and Clean and Jerk. In competitions, an athletes score is their combined total over the two lifts. 

Why learn Olympic weight lifting? 

Olympic lifting is a fantastic sport for generating strength, power and skill. This power can then be effectively applied in life and to other sports. 

Increased power has a direct effect on your speed and throwing. Also understanding how to lift safely and drilling this technique in so it’s automatic, will make injuries less likely.  

I myself noticed a huge difference when playing rugby, I was able to effectively throw huge men out of rucks with little effort.  

How does personal training work?

We can coach a beginner to lifting the basics and set them up with a program which they can then do on their own and revisit us every week to start with, then possibly every month and six weeks at the end of each cycle. 

For a competent lifter, having the coaches eye can make a huge difference in spotting errors holding you back. We can then design a program for you which focuses on this. 

Video analysis is a really important tool with lifting and we will teach you how to do this yourself.

Olwen Teaching Front squat
Olwen Helping correct front squat

How do you master Olympic lifting?

It’s not something you will ever perfect. It’s something to constantly improve and refine. On my own lifting course there was two Olympic athletes who both had common faults they were working on. 

By using regular video analysis and a coaches analysis you can spot your common faults. When choosing your training plan/cycle you should pick the largest fault and make sure your training cycle targets this area. So for example, if the fault is not fully extending in the pull then training with a complex which includes high pulls will help focus on this.

Jess teaching snatch
Jess correcting head height lifting

Olympic lift classes

Our regular Olympic lifting class is on Wednesdays at 7:30pm. This can be a great way to compliment coaching and reduce the cost of personal training.

Why choose us?

All our personal trainers regularly teach Olympic lifting. Luke and Charlotte for example have both taught Olympic lifting for a minimum of 4 hrs a week for 5 years. They have also lifted themselves for over 3 hrs a week for that period. This is a huge accumulation in both a coaches eye, understanding how to coach, compete and program and their ability to lift. 

All our trainers love to lift and this passion, support and knowledge will really help any lifter improve.

Thea coaching set up for olympic lift
Luke correcting feet position in Split jerk

How to start Olympic lifting with us? 

  1. Just fill in the contact us form below. We will the email you and find a time that suits you for a free consultation and fitness assessment.
  2. Come in for a free consultation and fitness assessment, we can look at your lifts in this session and then explain what we can do. 
  3. Start your one to one olympic lifting 

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