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I have been practising mindfulness meditation for 7 months now. I now have a fantastic morning routine and rarely miss a day. It has had a massive positive effect on my life by making me able to start each day with clear, fresh and energised mind.

This clarity in my thinking has enabled me to spot improvements in other habits in my life which have been getting in the way of life.

I have studied minimalism – not in a massive way but it allowed me to get rid of over half my stuff and now I only buy things I need and will use.

I am on the road to becoming more organised in all areas of my work and personal life. Spotting where I am repeatedly going in circles and putting a system in place for this allows me to relax on these issues now as they have system which works and so no longer need to sit in the back of my mind nagging me.

Learning has become a passion of mine again, I now read much more and have realised if I want to learn I must learn better methods for learning like mind mapping and also creating powerful memory habits.

This has also led me to create this new blog series on how to live and move. These subjects have always fascinated me and Its always been my goal to master simple techniques we can implement in our lives to get the most out of ourselves. I will break it down into a series of how to posts like my last post how to stand.

So back to mindfulness as I believe clarity and peace in our mind is a rare commodity in todays society. But it is the cornerstone on which we can build a fulfilled life on. So I highly recommend headspace as a tool that works for me:

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