Female personal training

We are lucky to have 4 fantastic female personal trainers in our team. In fact the majority of our coaching team are women. We have hired the best, most inspiring and passionate coaches who look after our clients fantastically well. I believe this has happened because our gym has such an inclusive and enjoyable community so we attract these fantastic women as coaches.

Our female personal trainers at the gym

We are experts

We have a lot of expertise training women and are constantly developing this and sharing this through our own training and experience but also with our clients.

Pre & post natal Exercises – Olwen has studied this and as a mother of three has direct experience of this herself. During pregnancy and after your body has to make some big changes. Exercising can be hugely beneficial during pregnancy but its important you understand what todo and what to avoid and when as this does change. Post pregnancy exercising is really important and has so many important benefits, firstly reestablishing correct control of your core and pelvic floor. But its also hugely beneficial for post natal depression.

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Gymnastics coaching for women – Thea is a former England gymnast & Charlotte is our most experienced coach and has been running our gymnastic classes for 5 years. Gymnastics is a hugely rewarding way to train, we start by building your fundamental core strengths and shapes and then grow in complexity and strength.

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Strength coaching for women – All our personal trainers are experts in strength training. As a gym we often compete in strength and fitness competitions and so strength training is a passion for us. We really understand it and it is hugely satisfying watching our clients gain strength and with it a new passion and confidence.

Nutrition – Nutrition is unique to every client and women often have a different metabolism to men. So we work with you to develop a plan that meets your goals but also fits into your lifestyle.

Mental health – Fitness and strength training can have a hugely positive effect on your mental health. Olwen has studied mental health awareness in the fitness industry and leads the team in insuring we are always helping our clients to break barriers and enjoy their training.

Rehabilitation – All our coaches have been through various injuries themselves and we have helped a lot of clients to recover and build back to full strength. It takes patients but it can also be fun and often allows us to focus on working on other areas where we can still challenge ourselves whilst we slowly rebuild the strength and control in the rehabilitation.

Inspiring you to be your best

Our trainers really are an inspiration, they all compete regularly in fitness, strength and gymnastic events. It is amazing what they can all do as athletes and it is brilliant to watch them continue to develop and to keep hitting personal bests themselves and learning new skills.

Thea has competed for England in gymnastics and this drive is now channeled into developing her olympic weightlifting and strength so she can compete in Crossfit.

Charlotte grew up with gymnastics and has competed in Crossfit and is currently training for powerlifting.

Olwen has competed as a power lifter, Crossfit and regularly puts on monthly challenges for her clients. Last month it was 10,000 burpees.

Personal Trainer charlotte Competing

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