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We are experts in our field and use a mixture of nutrition, strength training and fitness to help you get the best results. We work with a lot of athletes but our most satisfying work is often with beginners. So don’t hesitate to contact us no matter what your goal.

What set's us apart

Having the right trainer will inspire and support  you to be your best. As a team, we work to support our members and make sure they are having fun and getting results.

Because our gym is an inviting and fun place to be our members come more often which helps them get even better results. 

Personal trainers

We are a team of experienced and friendly personal trainers. We specialise in strength, fitness and mastering how to move well.


Luke is an amazing personal trainer, he loves working with clients of all abilities and will look after you step by step along your fitness journey. 

He is vary experienced and has worked with hundreds of people from complete beginners and people recovering from injuries right upto athletes competing. 

He has a real passion for learning and loves to learn by training for different challenges. He has competed in Strong man competitions, Triathlons, Crossfit, marathons, rowing and cycling marathons.  All this has given him a lot of experience and knowledge. 

– British weightlifting Level 1
– Fitness instructor Level 2
– Kettlebells instructor
– CEBA Boxing for fitness
– Strength and Conditioning Coach Lv 4 *ongoing

– CF Lv 1 & 2
– CF Gymnastics
– Degree in Food and Consumer Management (Hons)

“Personal training for me is more than a just a job, it’s a passion. I love nothing more than helping people achieve their goals, whether that be just generally working towards a better quality of life , or achieving new personal bests in the gym.
When I was 15 I really lacked I was overweight, unhappy, unfit and really lacked confidence. I made a decision to make a change for the better by aiming to exercise regularly and improving my diet choices, and I’ve never looked back.
In that time I’ve made every mistake you can make and tried every method/style of training you can think of. For me it’s this experience more than all the different courses I’ve been on that have made me the coach I am today. Hopefully I can help you because I’ve been there, I’ve done it, and I can guide you from a place of experience and understanding.

Fitness is a journey not a destination, so let me be your guide.”


Olwen has a fantastic energy and passion, she loves coaching and brings a wealth of experience from her own training as an athlete. 

Her energy and enthusiasm is inspiring and really rubs off on her clients and has created a fantastic positive vibe in the mornings and daytimes when she mainly coaches.

What you’ll get from training with Olwen is an inspirational friend and coach who will work tirelessly to help you enjoy yourself and achieve your goals.

Personal training and health Qualifications
– British Weightlifting Level 1 Coach
– Personal Trainer -Certified  Level 3
– Nutrition advisor – Level 3
– Gym Instructor Level 2 & 3
– Mental Health Awareness Active IQ Level 2
Pre and Post-Natal and Nutrition Active IQ Level 3 – Read more

– Gymnastics Level 1 Crossfit

– Crossfit coach Level 1

I have been passionate about health, fitness and nutrition for over a decade & I have also enjoyed competing in power lifting, fitness challenges and crossfit.

I am a mother of three and my youngest was born in 2022. Training has been crucial to my post-natal recovery and I am really enjoying regressing to the basics to re-strengthen my core and focus on technique and skill. For me, this is the best thing about our gym: Inclusivity. No matter where you are in your  journey, there is a place for you. I am qualified as a Pre and post natal personal trainer and as well as working with others to help them, using this knowledge on myself has really made me fully understand how to coach through this important time.
I am also a firm believer in exercise is key to a healthy state of mind and vice versa and sometimes the thing stopping a member from reaching their full potential is due to a mental block rather than their strength or technique. I strive to get to know each member in order to create specific goals aiming to support them through the process of breaking down those barriers.

I enjoy working with clients to create individual nutrition and training programmes and watching the impact that progress has on the client’s confidence and self-esteem.
I love to learn and every client that I have trained in the past has taught me something. My ambition is to use my expanding experience and knowledge in order to support clients on their journey to achieving their full potential.”


– Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach (ongoing)
– British Weightlifting Level 1
– Qualified][ Kettlebell Instructor
– Developmental Gymnastics Instructor Trained
– Olympic Weightlifting Certified
– Competitive Gymnastics experience
– 5+ years Coaching experience
– NVQ L3 Hospitality Supervision and Management

I started sports early, training in gymnastics from the age of 4 to 11 reaching county level. After stopping gymnastics I fell out of love with fitness and exercise but re-discovered it in my early 20’s needing some sort of outlet and motivation to help deal with day to day life.
I quickly discovered how much physical activity and fitness were helping me with mood, self-esteem, confidence, health, anxiety and so much more, so I began to really focus on my training, eventually finding CrossFit which effected my life a lot. I made new friends, it helped with my mental health, my motivation was up and I was getting stronger and fitter. It opened new doors and opportunities for me, giving me the confidence to run a half marathon, go on hiking holidays, learn to ski, compete in competitions and enter the CrossFit Open where I managed a top 5% in the world finish.
I’m really improving myself through sport and exercise and I began to realise how great it would be to be able to help others in the same way, to achieve new goals and discover new limits to conquer, to grow in confidence and have a bit of a lifeline for difficult times. This is how I discovered my passion for coaching. Starting small with a specialty gymnastics class alongside a full-time job and then broadened my scope from there, with experience ranging from coaching children developmental gymnastics and CrossFit through to training adults in group and in 1:1 settings. Finally making the move to coaching full-time. I strongly believe that my own experience with life and training as well as the many different classes I’ve been to/ran and people I’ve worked/trained with is what makes me a Coach you can put your trust in to help you on your journey.


Thea is a brilliant personal trainer she is very intelligent and an experienced athlete who has trained and competed at international level.

Her background as an athlete has given her an in depth understanding of strength and conditioning, she has worked with some the top national coaches in gymnastics and is in her final year of a degree in strength and conditioning with rehabilitation. 

She has a thirst for knowledge and loves working with clients of all levels, her knowledge in rehabilitation means she is able to help people of all levels. 

Gym Instructor -Level 2

Personal Trainer -Level 3

-Level 2 CIMSPA coaching qualifications

-British weightlifting level 1

-Studying a degree in Strength & Conditioning with -Rehabilitation

-Children’s Developmental gymnastics instructor

“As a former England Gymnast, my passion for sport and fitness has stemmed from a young age. I enjoy keeping myself fit and healthy and only wish to help others achieve the same goals. I have experience in powerlifting & strength training as well as a background in Elite Gymnastics. Since starting crossfit, I have found a new love for the sport, being able to combine all of my skills and experience to unlock my own fitness potential feels most rewarding to me. 

My ambitions as a personal trainer is to help level up your training by building a happy and healthy relationship with exercise so you can perform at your strongest and fittest potential. Whether you’re a newbie or have experience, I am here to help!”

Why Choose Us?


What our clients say

"Before starting I hadn’t been weight training or doing anything as exciting as this but when I started I realised I needed the extra help to push me and to teach me these new moves and Luke has been amazing.! He’s motivated me and has given me great techniques to carry on for life. I’m at the start of my journey and have a long way to go but feel confident to get to my goals"
- Selda
“Luke is a fantastic and knowledgable personal trainer, whose emphasis on fundamentals and making sure that the movements are done correctly allows you to learn movements correctly without rushing them. I like that Luke will actually get you to scale down a movement if your technique is off and you are in danger of causing yourself an injury (such as incorrect deadlifts which can be very dangerous).
On a personal level, Luke has allowed me to achieve many fitness goals - from not being able to run 800m to being able to run 5k, to finally being able to do pull-ups and completing a full Spartan Race. Luke is a great person with a good sense of humour, who will help any new client feel at home, build their confidence and allow them to reach their fitness goals.”
- Pete
“Such a friendly and empowering atmosphere. Thea is a fantastic coach, absolute girl boss but all the coaches are legends 💪💪 …”
- Xenia

Pricing & Group classes

All our sessions include nutrition support and weekly support.

  • 20% OFF – Still Available 
  • £35-50/session Single personal training session
  • £7-15/Group classes

Attached to our studio we also run group classes so combining these with personal training is fantastic way to get great results and also really low the cost of your training.


In the consultation we go through every aspect of your health and fitness covering injuries, nutrition, current physical activity and goal setting.
Consultations last between 40- 90 minutes. They are informal and really interesting. You can ask any questions you have about health and fitness or how the training works.

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    Our gym is in Milton. It is a great location for anyone in north Cambridge and the science park.

    Specialist areas

    Our personal trainers are experts in the following areas. Click the links to find out more about how we can help you with these. 

    Female personal training 

    Pre &Post natal Nutrition & Exercises

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