Learning to stand – Fundamental 1

As a personal trainer I have always taught good posture, but only recently has it become one of my main focus’s with clients.
What is Standing?

Standing correctly puts you in a very strong position. Your spine is braced and in its ideal neutral position & your joints are aligned and in a strong position.

If you don’t take time to learn this position then how can you expect to have a strong spine and body in more dynamic positions like walking, running jumping or sport.

How to stand:

1) Start with the feet together, now create tension by squeezing your heels together. (This turns on your Glutes which intern covers the next point)

2)Create a neutral lower back by pull your abdomen in & your glutes.

3)Next rotate your thumbs out so your palms are facing forward. This rotation actives your rotator cuffs and scapular which allows your upper back into a neutral position.

4)Finally pull your head up – Imagine a helium balloon is attached to it.

This position should feel strong and stable.

How often to do this? 

It should be a position you automatically go into every time you stand. I recommend starting to do it 3 times a day, Once in the morning, after lunch and in the evening when you get home. Try to gradually build it up until it becomes automatic every time you stand.

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