Locomotion & hand balancing with Verity

Duncan and Nick learning some gymnastic skills

We have a new gymnastics coach at the gym so on Friday me (Duncan), Nick & Dom joined in her training learning some locomotion drills and hand balancing.

The locomotion skills are designed to get your mobile and also build strength and flexibility in your whole body. It began with a simple bear walk which quickly progressed into a impossible bear walk.

Next we moved onto hand balancing, this is Verity’s passion and she is a great coach. The aim is to be dead straight, with your head, shoulders, hips knees and toes all in a straight line. This requires good mobility (Not one of my strengths) and also a very strong core.

My weakest point is my lower back so this is a fantastic exercise for me to work on and master.

Check out the video we made below for some of the work we did together. If your keen to learn more, Verity will be teaching these skills every tuesday evening at 7pm at Crossfit stags & does.

Contact details

Website: youtu.be/EniN30M2qMU?list=UUGgcdrsTFg4_LY4_sl1KrGA

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