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At Cambridge fitness we try to do more than just offer fitness tips we also keep you upto date on the best health advice.

For me (Duncan) Mindfulness is a big help I am luckily a very positive person but I am also very goal orientated. I like this part of me but if not kept in check it does also lead to being to focused on achievements and not enjoying the now.

I regularly chat to clients and friends about stress and we share tips and advice. This one I had recommended from a couple of clients in the same week. So despite my reluctance to try a mindfulness ap that you pay for. Two things which I don’t consider very mindful apps on your phone? and ongoing payments?

I gave it a try and I am sold its brilliant.

Firstly the first 10 days a re free, so give it a try. Its a 10 minute guided meditation for every day. It also comes with some really nice animations like the one below. Also unlike other meditations I have come across each day is an ongoing progression from the last. So for me this development helps me to see some progress.

So if you know anyone who you think would like this, please share it. Or why not give it a try yourself.

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Website: youtu.be/EniN30M2qMU?list=UUGgcdrsTFg4_LY4_sl1KrGA

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