The Top 3 Fitness Apps of 2015

Now you can take control of your fitness with your phone with the 3 Best Fitness Apps of 2015.

Note: This article is not sponsored and nor do we make any profit from the apps that we are promoting, they simply are the best!


Ever wondered how many calories you are actually burning in your day to day life? With Moves you can now monitor calories burnt when you walk, run and cycle all from having a phone in your pocket!

When set, it also automatically recognizes place in your daily life so that you know what you burnt and where!

You can set goals of the day with other fun options to see how many calories you burn going about your daily life.

Find Moves on the Google Play Market & the App Store


MyFitnessPal is easily the best and most popular food tracking app on the market. With MyFitnessPal anything you eat, anywhere is on this massive food database within the app. This means that you can find out macros when out and about at a fast food chain for example, or make sure that you hit your macros for each and every day.

For someone who watches their diet this is a must have. Not only can you track calories and macro nutrients all organised into different parts of the day, you can also get quick access to food you’ve recently ate to make the process even faster.

Don’t worry. The quantity for each food can be altered too so that even if you eat half of something when you add it to MyFitnessPal it’s not a problem.

Find Moves on the Google Play Market & the App Store

Smart Alarm

The importance of sleep when building muscle and in general fitness as a whole has much significance. Sleep and rest is when you build the muscle you have worked so hard for over the day. It’s recommended that adults get around 8 hours of sleep every day.

Ever woke up feeling refreshed? That’s usually because you’ve woke up naturally at the end of a sleep cycle. When your alarm goes off in the middle of a sleep cycle (we have many per night) you wake up feeling very tired.

Smart Alarm monitors your sleep throughout the night to make sure you are awoken happy and ready to go at the end of a sleep cycle!

Find Moves on the Google Play Market & the App Store

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