Appreciation – one of the keys to happiness

Appreciation, its such a simple yet effective way to be happy right now. When you stop and appreciate what you have you realise, how much we do have. If you appreciate the people around you, your friends neighbours, customers even the check out lady, then suddenly your world is filled with good people.
If you look around your house and appreciate the cool stuff you have, you’ll be amazed you ever wanted more or needed more. How could you, chances are your home is completely full of enough interesting things to keep you busy for a lifetime.
But the problem is the modern world is designed to make us want more, to need to own bigger and better things? a faster car, a bigger house, better clothes, to discover some far off country when we haven’t even truly discovered a city 50 miles away which people on the other side of the world are desperate to discover.

So here is a great and simple tip you will have most likely come across before:

Every night just write a list of 3 things you appreciated from today.
It will get you in the habit of appreciating what you have.

If you like that one and want to go further, why not try to appreciate every stranger you come into contact with, Like the check out lady.
Appreciation really is a simple but powerful way to be more happy & content.


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