Paddle Boarding at Milton Country Park

This was by far the most fun I have ever had on a paddle board

This weekend we had a gym social paddle boarding followed by a BBQ in Milton country.

I have been paddle boarding for around 2 years now, but this was so much fun. We had some races, the more ambitious of us learn headstands and towards the end of the session we had loads of fun trying to push each other in.

paddle board headstand

The session was run by experienced coaches who taught the beginners the basics quickly first starting on your knees, then progressing to standing only once they felt ready.

Gill Paddle boarding

After this me and Jo Shipped asked if we could learn a headstand and the coaches quickly showed us how. Its actually quit easy as you hold the board with both hands and slowly first pull your knees up then slowly straighten your legs. A full handstand was to tough though because of the ankle leash.

Jo Me and Nick had a race across the lake which is about 200m. Jo is good at everything and got off to a great start while Nick quickly fell in on the start line, I eventually  managed to catch up with Jo but decided to try and push her in and fell in myself.

Milton country park is a fantastic location

Its just 600m from my gym (crossfit stags and does), the lake we used is really nice, its so peacefully and actually quite warm. After the lake we had our own private BBQ space for the afternoon, were we had a camp fire and could play frisky and drink a few well earned beers.

Milton is just north of Cambridge across the A14.

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How to get involved

Milton Country Park is an accredited school with the British Stand Up Paddle Association (BSUPA) and offers plenty of opportunities for you to experience SUP, whether you’re a complete beginner, have tried it before and want to progress, or you’re an experienced paddle boarder looking for some time on the water.

Experienced and paddle boarders who have completed the “ready to ride” course can just hire a board or join Cambridge SUP club from 6-8pm on Thursdays.

Beginners You can complete the “ready to ride” course at milton country park for just £50. Every other Saturday from 10-12:30.

Or you can do a quick start session for £15 every other Saturday 10-11:15am

SUP Fitness every Saturday 8:30am-9:30am which sounds fantastic fun.

Fior more information or to sign up check out their website:

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Why paddle board?

I highly recommend giving paddle boarding a go, its great fun and a really good exercise. Firstly its fantastic for balance, secondly its very good for developing core strength as you need to engage your whole core to stand and use a paddle to propel your self.

Finally its a very peaceful activity, so great for the mind. The location in Milton is really special and you could spend the whole day exploring the lake and watching the wildlife.

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