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We would like to introduce your local Cambridge osteopathic and rehabilitation clinic.

Michael the owner and principal clinician is a registered osteopath, who has worked with multiple world champion athletes to assist their performance. Working as part of a team comes easily, integrating with your coach, working with trainers & coaches to improve your performance.

Micheal Parr

Providing accurate diagnosis, to identify key links in your case. Preparing you in the move forward, beginning rehabilitation, maintaining your active lifestyle.

This is performed by overlaying methods of treatment, providing a notably seamlessly layered combination approach, of specialist diagnosis, education and therapeutic application. This includes education of anatomy and pain theories, manual therapy, osteopathy, posture advice and training, lifestyle advice, hydrotherapy guidance, dietary overviews, and dynamic exercise therapy with motor control training rehabilitation. All of these work together to provide a uniquely structured approach, towards the aim of restoring your brain’s interpretation, or ‘mapping’ of your healthy functioning body, giving you back the control!

After treatment intervention, you will be re-assessed to ensure efficacy, and optimize, the development of therapeutic strategies, for precision care and training. Laying out a step by step guide, to getting you back to health.

Guidance for aftercare will be provided, which assists by aiding to establish and prioritise lifestyle and training components, which can be initiated independently. As an aid to achieving your goals.

After integrating his skill and knowledge, optimising function and health, your WOD will have never been so easy!


01223 902433



Elementary Health, 2 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB5 8DT.

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