Nikhil – Totally Blind Champion

I am writing this as Nikhil is a real inspiration to anyone seeking to achieve anything in health, sport & life.

When Nikhil started his personal training in May 2013 he was 17 stone 1, he is now 13 stone 7 so has lost over 50 pounds in weight. Most of this he lost in the first 6 months of his training.

His general health, fitness and activity levels have continued to improved a lot in the last year.

Nikhil is totally blind but you really can’t tell and have spoken to a quite a few people who know him including a local shop owner who were convinced he is only partially sighted because he is incredibly comfortable and confident, I routinely forget but Nikhil is at such ease and it really doesn’t hinder him from living his life to the full.

To add to all this weight loss success he has had a fantastic year with sport.

First winning the Cambridge mens tennis tournament (totally blind category)

His Cricket team won the final of the development t20 knock out cup.

He also came 2nd in the National Visualy impaired tennis championship. Both in the singles and the doubles.

Here in his own words:

“Sporting successes in the last few months: I won the men’s singles (totally
blind category) at the Cambridge tennis tournament in late July,
successfully defending my title from 2013. In August, my cricket team,
Metro Devils, won the final of the development t20 knock-out cup: I scored
22 off 12 balls, including a boundary off the penultimate ball to win the
More recently, I was runner-up in the B1 (totally blind) singles at the
National Visually Impaired Tennis Championship, which was held at the NTC
(National Tennis Centre) on 4th-5th October. The final was very tight
indeed, and I lost by a single mini-break in a tie-break (though I’d be the
first to admit I was beaten by a fantastic shot).”

Nikhil is a fantastic bloke and a pleasure to train.

If your inspired by this or you know someone who could benefit from the knowledge and structure of one of our personal trainers please contact us for a free consultation.

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