Mindfulness benefits to health & fitness

I have always had a big interest in the mental side of life and how small changes to your thinking can have massive positive effects to your quality of life. I think this all comes from having a father who was a fantastic motivation coach & got me goal setting from an early age.

So what is mindfulness?

Its quite simple its the practice of becoming more present, so not court up in mind chatter about the future & past just appreciating the now.

For me the practice of mindfulness is about increasing your ability to focus and concentrate on the task your doing.

Growing up I remember hearing people ask “what is the meaning of life?” Like its a deep and tough question that has an answer that fits all of us.

After mindfulness this question seems really simple, its about being present and enjoying this time with all others around you.

Ive read loads of books on this subject, but the best by far is mindfulness – finding peace in a frantic world.

I have recommended it to loads of my friends, family and personal training clients, and they have all really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.

Ive attached a link to some free guided mediations which you can listen to online, these are from the book above.

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Website: franticworld.com/free-meditations-from-mindfulness/

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