My simple and effective tip for easing lower back pain in 20 mins.

Simple guide for easing lower back pain or a tense lower back.
A lot of people suffer from back pain and when it is really bad it can be impossible to find a comfortable position which allows it to relax.

The best method I have come across (and I’ve tried loads) is to get an ice pack wrap it in a damp tea towel (this will transmit the cold). Then lay on your back on a hard floor, your knees should be bent so your feet are also flat on the floor. Now place the Ice pack, under your back and make sure its in contact so use a cushion to raise it if necessary.
In this position your back will be able to relax as it is the closest you can get to a position where your back is not load bearing and so can switch off.
Finally your back can relax and the ice can help to remove the tension and relax the overly active muscles.
Spend 20 minutes in this position so put on the TV or music to listen to. You should find after 20 minutes your back is less tense & relaxed.

IMPORTANT – Always pull in your abdomen when getting up, its braces your core and supports your lower back. Try and make this a habit when ever you sit up or stand.  

ALSO NOTE – This is for the end of the day, when you want your back to relax. Not before anything vigorous. Ice is not good before activity, heat is best for this. I recommend a warm shower or heat pack at the start of the day and this to finish. 

What works for you?

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