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Your free to Nothing matters.

Now some people have genuine life or death problems but if your on Facebook or taking time to read this I really doubt right now your having a life or death problem.
I certainly don’t, I have a fantastic life. However I am not truly free and able to appreciate a lot in my life. I spend the majority of my time thinking, lost in thought, in the future ill be content but not yet. Thinking:

  • Worrying about the past ” Did I do that right?” “is everyone in my life happy?” “do people like me?”
  • Excited about the Future “When I earn this Ill be able to buy this… and live here…”
    Telling myself Stories “John didn’t reply so that means this…” “That driver cut me up, so he’s…”

Now I have been doing mindfulness each morning for 2 years, and I get a lot from it. Clarity each morning. I feel fresh and have a clean slate to start each day. But that drifts away relatively quickly and try as I might I haven’t been able to sustain that clarity through out the day in my busy life.

But I do have that clarity now, I have the tools I need to be free of all this thinking and its so simple.

The land mark Forum

Last week I went to London and did a 3 day course called the Landmark forum,
The landmark Forum is a weekend course which teaches you how to get the best out of your life.

Its a breakthrough course meaning at the end of the course you will have had a breakthrough, not learnt new information to file away with other skills learned.

Each day is long, 9am-10pm! But it doesn’t feel this long. you do get uncomfortable and do clock watch from time to time. But this is important.
You are encouraged not to take notes, this is because the course is simple and boils down a few key principles which you will get, but only through experiencing the course and spending the 45 hours breaking down the old habits of your life:

  • Creating Stories, your interpretation of whats happening but is not real yet you spend all your life thinking these and talking about these to others?
  • Letting you life be run by your Fear of what you look like to others, while they do exactly the same thing worrying about you.
  • Living by the past, and living each moment for the future which never happens.
  • Running rackets, These are bad habits we have formed which we run automatically on people and situations. We run them all day on everything from our loved ones to traffic lights.

So what did I get? whats the secret to living a good life?
The past and Future don’t exist, they are only in our mind.
The past does not exist its gone and we must let it go. Everyone is placed by the past, but if you just let it go your free from it.
The future does not exist, you must not live thinking about how you will be happy there.

You can do this:

Bad things have happened and thats a fact, but they are in the past. Don’t drag them with you your whole life.
If you spot rackets and stop running them.
If you spot stories and stop engaging in them.
Stop trying to give everything meaning, this is your big problem. Nothing means anything, stop trying to give every situation, person, conversation, incident a reason things happen drop it.

Also stop trying to figure out life! Its simple Nothing matters! enjoy each moment.

But the best way to do all this is to do the landmark forum, its just 3 days! and you get to drop the past and live now.

Now for those of you who worry about the nothing matters?
Well it doesn’t, one day you will be dead & none of this will have mattered.
But you can make things matter to you and this can be good. Once you realise nothing matters, your free to enjoy each moment and for me helping others, not harming anyone or anything is a big part of this.
Think about it you spend all your time thinking about things that don’t matter in your life you have no energy left for those people and things that do. Stop watching TV when nothings on, Drop Facebook, Stop analysing everything, stop constantly worrying about the future. This will free up a lot of energy which you’ll find you now direct outwards to things that do matter in the present.
When you let nothing matter, you drop all the things you think matter and can focus on things that do matter like every task your currently doing, all other people, conversations, animals, the world.

If you like this and would like to find out more, please feel free to chat to me & the only way to truly get this is to do the landmark forum. I sat with 200 other people some of which had been through incredibly bad situations but they got it and you can to.

Thanks for reading.

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