January 5km Park run

January Challenge 5km Park run (By Duncan Boltt)

Now this is a nice simple challenge to start my year off, I am aiming to do lots of little challenges this year so this was a great first step.
I’ve always meant to do a park run as they are FREE, weekly and we have one just 600m away from my gym in Milton country park every .

Firstly it was incredibly easy to register and join in:
1) Enter your email address on their website, THATS IT! You’re now registered for any park run in the country.
2)Now just print out the barcode on the email they send you and your ready.

I organised a group of clients, and mates to join in so there was a nice group of us.
I turned up at 8:40 20 minutes early on a very fresh (cold) January morning to get instructions from the volunteers who were organising it. After initially getting very confused at its simplicity. I found a really helpful lady who explained all I need to do is run the collect a chip as I crossed the finish line.
So again nice and simple.
So I met up with Clara (her first park run) & Lynne Who is a seasoned park runner. We then took our places at the start line (standing at your predicted pace) at 9am. Then 3-2-1 off we went.

There was quite a bit of ice about so we warned as we ran by the volunteers and support about upcoming patches. I had my spikes on so I was fine though.
The run was really good natured & whilst there was good runners there it didn’t feel a do or die race, so it had a really friendly atmosphere whilst still being a competitive timed race.

At the end of the race, I collected my chip and then later handed my chip in with my barcode and bam, all done. They emailed me my time and finishing position over the weekend.

I really enjoyed it and it was so easy I will definitely do it again. I highly recommend it for anyone who either enjoyed running or would like to get more involved, its so easy to get involved and because the email you all your times you can keep track of how your doing.

Here is the website, give it a go:

Contact details

Website: www.parkrun.org.uk

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