Find enthusiasm for your new year resolutions.

I have recently come across a fantastically simple method to become enthusiastic about anything, from weight loss to Fine art.
Its simple, chances are you’ll already be doing but most likely not for the things you want to be enthusiastic about.

I used to be unenthusiastic about Wine, until I had a client who was a wine connoisseur. We agreed to swap training for Wine (Win Win!). With each bottle he told me more about each wine & as I learned more about the wine I became more interested in it finally now I am enthusiastic about a good wine.
Think of any subject you were previously unenthusiastic about but now you find interesting. Chances are you started learning about it.

Its simple
To become enthusiastic about a subject you need to learn more about that subject. So if you’ve lost enthusiasm for your work chances are you have stopped studying your subject.

Think of the last time you went on a course and the buzz you got during and after that course.

Read a book
My favourite twist to this is really simple and perfect for January, if you want to gain a new habit like a resolution to loose weight or quite smoking.
Then read a positive book about that subject, by reading the book daily you’ll have a daily boost of enthusiasm which can really help to turn they new years resolution into a permanent habit.

My new years resolution is to be tidier, so ive just bought a book on minimalism. I don’t want to just get tidier for january, I’m tackling the problem to much to tidy.

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