top 5 activities to do in cambridge

Here are my top 5 sports and activities I reccomend in Cambridge, these are activities and sports I do regularly and enjoy doing as port of Cambridge.

Puntingin Cambridge and Grandchester

Always going to be included, I love the river and its a great way to spend an afternoon with friends and family. Going upto grandchester is a fantastic route.

Climbing – The climbing wall at Kelsey Keridge is a great challenge and as routes are routinely changed you will always have a new challenge to work on.

Swiming – Jesus green

Jesus green swimming pool is a fantastic swimming pool and as the longest outdoor pool in Europe we are very lucky to have it. 92m is a long swim.

Park sports – touch rugby
You can just turn up and play on saturdays, its a great fun sport and is always a good mixure of men and women.

CrossFit- The sport of fitness

I am going to say this as its my gym. But I also love it as a sport and the comunity and friends we have down there. So If your looking for a sport in Cambridge and you love a challenge, I highly reccomend CrossFit stags and does in Milton.

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