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One of my clients is on this and he has got great results. He lost 4 pound straight away is no longer weezing (from intolerances) and is sleeping fantastically well. I think it will really suit some people, also some people get a huge boost from changing up there diet every so often. So here is a really interesting diet for you. Let us know what you think?

Its premise: eat one main (massive) meal at night, avoid chemicals, combine foods adequately and challenge your body physically.

A strong black coffee in the morning and the next food is at 12am, then 3-4pm. These meals contain no carbohydrates.

The theory is along the lines of many popular diets, when we fast our body is at its best, we are more alert. The diet is very social as you can eat most things in the evening and your encouraged to eat loads. This then causes you to sleep very well. It takes out all the foods we are generally intolerant to.

The result: a leaner, stronger and healthier body.

1. Eat One Main Meal at Night
There is evidence that humans are nocturnal eaters, inherently programmed for undereating and toiling during the day, followed by overeating and relaxing at night.
2. Go Low on the Food Chain
Researchers believe that the human genome is programmed for a late Paleolithic world. As hunter/gatherers we’re better adapted to pre-agricultural food– i.e. chemical-free fruit, vegetables, roots, sprouted legumes, nuts, seeds, fertile eggs, marine food (wild catch), and dairy from grass fed animals.
3. Exercise While Undereating
It has been established that we are inherently carrying survival mechanisms that benefit us when triggered by physical or nutritional stress such as exercise or undereating. Combining exercise with undereating will amplify the beneficial mechanisms of both – increasing our ability to utilize energy, improve strength and resist fatigue.

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