Jack Webb – Interview Cambridge Fitness

1. What got you “into” personal training?

I believe finding health and happiness shouldn’t be a mystery or a chore – a degree of physicality can be a vital counter balance to 21st Century stress. I received a pretty non-existent physical education as a kid, so I’ve always been driven to explore this world of health, wellbeing and performance, as well as offer my support to anyone and everyone that it could benefit.

2. What sports / other hobbies do you enjoy?

I’ve always been a bigger fan of human performance more than any one sport. But I’ve grown to love mixed martial arts and grappling sports from Judo to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. They offer the ultimate stress testing ground for any trainer and I’ve been lucky enough to help work with some aspiring fighters. I’ve a passion for science and history, Crossfit, high climbing, deep diving and working within educational environments and initiatives.

3. What is your most favourite type of training to teach?

I love working with the basics, even stripping back capable athletes to look at how we move, how we breathe and how we can tie it all together to produce some amazing results. My goal is always to build the best foundation possible. I place a big focus on motor control and body awareness, really how we express ourselves, and the challenges we then face under exertion and stress!

I take a holistic approach to training but I’ll only ever draw on the best science I can, and cater to the individual! I’ve been lucky enough to work with teens, men and women, mixed martial artists to pre-habbers and re-habbers. Even if you have just one goal in mind, whether weight loss, a marathon or taking on a new sport – I hope to give you the tools and confidence to tackle anything you choose to.

4. What is your most favourite type of training to do yourself?

I love exploring new movements and disciplines, really exposing myself to all the fear and feeling that come with them in an effort to make myself a better physical teacher. Currently I’m playing with allot of strength training to sure up old injuries, and having great fun with traditional weightlifting. Whatever I’m doing I’ll be testing something on myself, whether playing with training dynamics or exploring new crossovers.

5. Do you have any fitness idols?

I’m not sure if I hold all too many idols but I’ve great respect for the new wave of physiotherapists, trainers and scientists fighting to bring back a focus on wellbeing and real world application in all that we do. Disseminating these ideas and giving us the tools to live full lives without having to rely on an industry dictating to us!

How long have you been training for?

I’ve been training since my teens, at times awesomely infectively! Where I did cycle and compete at a reasonably high level, my training knowledge and philosophy has grown and changed dramatically since then. Self-preservation and maintenance being a welcome addition!

6. What qualifications have you done?

I’ve completed a Premier Diploma in Personal training, and continue study in the Sports Sciences at a degree level.

I actually studied History in tandem with my diploma.

7. What’s your proudest achievement?

Probably starting on this road, I was comfortable and capable of working in a quite different field but I chose to challenge myself and steer at a healthier and happier course that would hopefully, genuinely benefit me and those around me.

8. What motivates you to train / workout?

I’m constantly motivated to improve myself, and put myself in a better position to reach out and support those closest to me as well as educate and empower anyone I can benefit.

What’s more mind body connections are very real, who doesn’t want to be firing on all cylinders! Consciously or not.

9. Tell me anything else you think may be helpful

I try and give every client something to take away – as well as offering a service that extends beyond just face time. Whether your focus lies in a happier, healthier or more athletic you – I’ll work with your concerns, restrictions and passions to deliver real results and longevity.


Sue Lees, 27 – Cambridge

“I’ve always considered myself pretty fit – I play allot of sport at a high level and have often represented Cambridge in my time studying here. Where I first met Jack as part of a larger team, he has shown a focus and attention to the practical side of my training and technique that I feel has contributed to an entirely injury free season and a whole new outlook on how I should be taking my fitness forward”

Kris Grier, 31 – Portsmouth

“I’ve always hated gyms – something I was quite able to share and laugh about with Jack, he’s helped give me a grounding and a mindset to take on challenges that quite literally scared in me the past. I now actively Crossfit and love it, I manage most of my own training and I’m currently waiting to enter my second Tough Mudder, they call it the toughest event on the planet? We’ll see about that!”

Serena McGuinness

“Jack helped me get in shape for my wedding after having a baby. He took into consideration my back condition & lack of strength. I cannot recommend the personal affordable service highly enough. I was advised on nutrition and all types of fitness; I looked great for my wedding and feel healthier and stronger. Jack is able to design his work-outs around ability and has equipment and experience to take things as far as you desire. Contact him, you will not regret it!”

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