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CrossFit Stags and Does is Cambridge’s first CrossFit box and opened in 2012. They are in Milton just across the A14, North of Cambridge, opposite the science park making it the closest CrossFit gym to central Cambridge.

CrossFit Stags and Does is an excellent CrossFit gym. Its not just one of the best in the area, its one of the best boxes in the UK. This is because of its unique Coach for life membership.



What really sets them apart is all their members have their own dedicated coach who they have 1:1’s with every 3 months. This is included in your membership and makes a massive impact on your training. By having your own coach it means you are look after, makes sure you are coming regularly and also makes sure you are getting results. Its a cross between personal training and classes and allows members to get the benefits of personal training which is mainly quality of coaching and combine this with the benefits of crossfit classes, which is fun, community support but most of all the results you get from being competitive. It also makes it much more accessible to beginners, as you really can start from scratch with confidence that you will move well and be looked after.


CrossFit Classes:

Stags and Does has a large team and box which means they are able to have more classes than most CrossFit gyms. They also have more specialist classes like Endurance classes, Gymnastic classes, Kettlebell classes and Barbell classes. They have 6 classes a day to choose from so its great for shift workers. Price: Their value for money is really good. Membership prices start at £85/month but this includes a lot more than just classes. All thier memberships include having your own coach to chat to when ever you need advice and personal training which means the value for what the members get is huge. When you compare the price of membership to just personal training, the price is very low and very affordable.

Gym members

CrossFit community:

Stags and Does is an incredibly welcoming gym and has a fantastic community of athletes of all levels. They have monthly socials and also monthly events where their members can join in and challenge themselves. This can vary from climbing a mountain to running in a local race.

Check out CrossFit Stags and Does website for more information:

They do a free 1:1 introduction, so you can get to know the box, the coach and also get a fitness assessment.

Getting Started


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