Spartan race in Cambridge 2012

The Spartan race is fantastic fun. It is a 3 mile assault course in royston. Obstacle include:

  1. War Charge: the beginning sprint
  2. Leap of Faith: runners must “leap” over a flaming bale of hay
  3. The Mud Pit: crossing a murky muddy trench
  4. Mystery Element?: the signature element varying from course to course
  5. Mt. Impossible: 8′ wall climb
  6. Heroes Spear Throw: racers must grab a custom made Spartan spear and throw it at a predetermined target
  7. Dark Tunnel:crawl through a mud covered tunnel
  8. The Fallen: Spartan Warriors are stationed and waiting to fend off unsuspecting participants
  9. Enemies Trap: cargo net
  10. Slippery Victory: a greased up 12′ slippery wall built at a 45 degree angle
  11. Barbed Crawl: a crawl through barbed-wire
  12. Scrambling Spartan: the final charge to the finish line.

Where is the cambridge spartan race:

Bassingbourn Barracks Royston Hertfordshire S G8 5LX

When is the Cambridge Spartan Race:

The 29th july 2012

How to enter the Cambridge spartan race:

Contact details


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