Our clients take on 100 mile cycle, Gaelforce West & more

Phil & Clara’s big challenge this year is to do the 100 mile cycle, ride london on the 10th of August. They won’t stop there though they will also be doing the Gaelforce West challenge for the second year running just 6 days later.

The Gaelforce West is the largest adventure race of its kind, it is 67km of:

Beach running, Kayaking, bog running, cycling, mountain hiking up to the top of Croagh Patrick, then a cycle and run to the finish line.

I have been training Phil & Clara together for a few years now, in to our second year of training the both decided to take on some challenges and they are really hooked now.

They are going on long cycles every weekend at the moment to prepare for the 100 miles. They have also completed the Cambridge Swarm cycle and the Newmarket Hilly.

They are getting fantastic results because of all the cycling, and after all their training this year & last you can definitely say they are fit endurance athletes now able to take on tough challenges. This is no small achievement and takes more than a couple of years work, but stays with you.

If you live near cambridge & would like to take on any challenge even the Gaelforce challenge having a personal trainer to guide you can really help to get started.

Contact details

Website: www.gaelforceevents.com

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