My goal in life is the same as everyone else Joy, to be happy



But only until recently have I realised how important it is to clarify this and make it my focal point for the majority of my effort, otherwise “life”* & other goals take over and no progress is made.

Now I want to clarify I am a very happy person and for those of you who know me, you do know me this isn’t me faking happiness. I am, but I also know that what I experience is not as good as it can get. I am still worried a lot, and spend far too much time concerned about fears, money, work, the future, the past…… A lot of time in my head.

I also know that this comes from a false belief of what life is about. We are so easily influenced & environment, upbringing, society the media, this has created false pressures and goals on what I should be aiming for.

I also see a lot of fantastic people unhappy, stressed, depressed. They are chasing money, success, achievement, possessions, holidays…. In the belief this will bring them contentment and Joy.

I want to help firstly myself, but also others understand how to be unburdened by this and how we can truly be happy.

So I will be blogging regularly and sharing my journey. This will help me to clarify what I’ve learned but also help inspire others and invoke conversations with me about it.

Below is my third post on this subject:

I came across Sadhguru on the insight timer, a great free ap for mindfulness.

He is a fantastic guy and the wisdom he shares is simple and uncomplicated. So I got his book Inner Engineering.

The first thing he teaches is:

What I touched on above, everyones goal in life boils down to being happy.

Say your goal is to be a professional tennis player, Why? so you can be successful, live upto your potential, earn good money to support your family, be admired. But why? deep down because you believe that will make you happy. Take any ones goal it will boil down to this.

So now you’ve established your goals to be happy, next all human experience is interpreted by our body/mind. Sights, sounds, feelings, thoughts, its all felt and interpreted on the inside.

So if how we experience the world comes from our internal interpretation of the world, all our experiences are actually internal not external at all.

Bliss is when your internal self is in a pleasant state, Joy is when your internal self is in a very pleasant state. Now this can be produced via the external world or it can be produced internally and just feel pleasant about what you are currently doing.

If all experience is internal interpretation, we are able to be unaffected by the outside world. By consciously interpreting our experience rather than reacting to it.

This is done by taking responsibility for all your internal experiences, understanding that they all come from you.  The opposite of this is to do what you do not and react unconsciously to every experience.

So my current focus is to develop this responsibility for my internal experience. I have had several fantastic experiences already:

Yesterday I eat a large salad consciously, I tasted and experienced each mouthful. I had to fight a compulsion to rush it down and also even as I right this it sounds so self indulgent?! to take time to myself and experience food, on  a week day! Some of the mouthfuls felt incredible and i was uncomfortable getting that experience from food. I must have some english beliefs tied to experience great pleasure form food holding me back.

I also have used the technique several times when frustrated with others, I just am conscious of it and see how I would like to react, realise this would not benefit me and would only upset the other person and so I choose not to react and with in 60 seconds the worlds great again. All the powerful emotion is gone.

So this is where I am at the moment. I now get up 1hr earlier each morning in order to fit this in each day. So I will be making progress each day and sharing it, please do message me and chat about this.

(*Note the “Life” I referred to above is what we call life, its not life but its the term we use. Life is so much more than something that gets in the way.)

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