Cambridge Bumps July 2014

Ed Miller Rowed in the first team boat for Express in This years Bumps in Cambridge.
“I was rowing for X-press Clubs M1 (men’s 1st) boat.

We were unlucky on the first night, catching Chesterton, but they bumped up before we got the chance to get them.
We bumped Champs on Wednesday night after 500m
We bumped Chesterton on the Thursday night, 300m before the finish, on the reach
We caught Cantabridgian club on the friday, getting within a couple of metres, but not quite able to bump them…”

If you haven’t seen the bumps in cambridge check out the video, its a great competition.

How the Bumps works:

Each boat starts 2 boat lengths apart, They go on the Cannon.

The aim is to bump the boat in front of them, this can either be done by actually bumping them or by overlapping them until the Cox concedes.

It is a 4 night event, so the following night they take the place of the boat they have bumped, stay in the same place if they have rowed with out bumping (rowing over) or they go back a space if they were bumped.

Here is a go pro video from the first night:

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