Duncan Boltt

Find out how others have found personal training with me. Below some of my clients discuss their experiences of personal training and the results and changes they have achieved.


“Before starting Crossfit I hadn’t been weight training or doing anything as exciting as Crossfit but when I started I realised I needed the extra help to push me and to teach me these new moves and Luke has been amazing.! He’s motivated me and has given me great techniques to carry on for life. I’m at the start of my journey and have a long way to go but feel confident to get to my goals”

Woman weight loss



“I was bored with doing the same routine at the gym so I decided to train with a Personal Trainer as I also wanted to lose a bit more weight and tone up. I trained with Duncan for 4 months and the results were amazing. I went from 56kg to 53kg; I also lost 3″ round my waist. The training was very varied and hard work; I enjoyed all my Personal Training sessions and felt healthier than I had done before. I would definitely recommend Duncan as a Personal Trainer because he is friendly and professional. He prepares a program that suits you, monitors what you eat and gives you advice on how to eat healthy”


“I have been training with Duncan Boltt for 14 months. His sessions are always packed with activity whilst being enjoyable and varied. The exercise programmes are tailored to individual need and take into account likes and dislikes along with allowances for any physical limitations.

He provides a whole body program to include diet, lifestyle and sports therapy when required. This whole person approach enables the individual to set realistic goals and achieve them within a realistic timescale.

I would strongly recommend Duncan to others looking for a personal trainer.”

Ed Miller

William Lamb

“Maintaining a healthy weight had always been a challenge for me. I tried restricting what I ate but it never seemed to work. A friend recommended personal training, and eventually I found the courage to give it a go. I was put in touch with Ed, and have never looked back. Ed encouraged me to start off with realistic diet and exercise goals, and I have seen success ever since. I found myself quickly exceeding my own expectations and increasing the intensity and number of workouts. It is now 6 months since I first started sessions with Ed, and I have lost 2 stone.

I now enjoy regular exercise, and my fitness is having many positive effects on the rest of life. Ed has many assets as a personal trainer, and I would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel at ease with their coach. The variety of sessions keeps me interested, whilst some consistency allows us to monitor my progress. Ed’s experience as a high performance rower was also invaluable. The indoor rowing machine was great for loosing calories, and I’ve now just started to try real rowing! I am indebted to Ed and look forward to continuing with him in future.”