Home personal training in Cambridge

The Cambridge Fitness team

At Cambridge Fitness we have a team of excellent, experienced and friendly personal trainers who come highly recommended.

We specialise in home personal training in and around Cambridge & Huntingdon. All you need is a small space in or outdoors. Our personal trainers bring all the equipment you need to have a challenging and fun workout in your home.

Every aspect of your lifestyle affects your health and fitness. We will take all of these into account and build you a unique programme to fit around your life. Most importantly with personal training we will help you to reach your goals.

  • Diet – what to eat and when
  • Stress – and its effects
  • Sleep – do you get enough? / too much?
  • Flexibility – posture and gait analysis
  • Injuries – past, present and prevention
  • Goal setting – decide which goals mean the most to you

In the first personal training session we will assess your fitness and body composition.

Testing includes

Health fitness medical

  • Cardiovascular fitness- RHR , Blood pressure
  • Flexibility – Range of motion
  • Body fat % and circumferences
  • Speed and agility
  • Lung function

Together with your personal trainer you will then set yourself some short term aims that will lead towards achieving your goals.

Home personal training equipment

Equipment for personal training at home

I know what you’re thinking, How can they bring fitness to my home? Surely they can’t carry a treadmill and a cable pulley machine into my lounge?

We use a wide variety of kit to train each client these include, Kettlebells, powerbags, steps, boxing gloves and pads, Skipping ropes, Gym sticks, Tornado balls. There are so many different options to keep you training hard and effectively.

Benefits of home personal training

Fitness achievement

Home personal training is a great alternative to boring gym routines, for one hour we bring fitness into your home.

  • Establish your long term aims, break them down in to monthly targets which will be met by your program
  • Peace of mind – knowing you are doing effective training correctly
  • Your progression of your shape and fitness will be monitored
  • Fun – we always keep the training fun, varied and interesting
  • Motivation
  • Convenient – home personal training saves time and fits around you
  • Reaching your goals – together we will reach your goals