Nutrition is an important part of any training routine. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain or general well being.

The right diet along with the proper training will help you achieve your goals

Ideal Diet


Regular meals will:

  • Boost your metabolism – burning more energy throughout the day
  • Stabilise your glucose level – maintain your concentration and mood
  • Reduce your portion size – you will only be 2-3 hrs from your next meal and so will not feel the need to gorge

Problems with fasting

  • You will lose muscle lowering your metabolism
  • It will shock your system, and so when you go back to eating normally your body will try and store food for the next fasting period
  • Fasting can not be maintained
  • It will lower your energy levels, so you will not be able to work as hard in the gym
  • To burn fat you need carbohydrates, “fat burns in a carbohydrate fire”, once you have burnt all your carbs you cease to burn fat and will burn protein