Nick Apps

My passion is fitness, I enjoy pushing myself and achieving new goals. I enjoy learning about exercise and health to keep my workouts and coaching ever improving.


Nick Apps

I played rugby throughout secondary school, both for the school and for the Ely Tigers Rugby Club. My own journey through fitness began when I started to train for the Great Eastern Run 5km 2012, where after six months of training I finished the race with a time of 24:54.

I joined the Cambridge Regional College Cycling team in 2012 and soon started training hard to cycle from Cambridge to Paris, a journey of over 300 miles, to raise money for the charity Combat Stress. At this time I was also the first person to be awarded “Fittest Non-Sport or Uniformed Services Student”, an award I am still very proud of.

Being fit has brought me a lot of good memories and has given me experiences most people miss out on. Such as running 7km down an old Roman road in the Dales through bad weather and hilly terrain. I believe being fit and active can give you the ability to see a different side of life and thats what I’d like to give to my clients.

Professional background

I’m currently coaching at Crossfit Stags and Does, but I enjoy home Personal Training as much as gym sessions.

With my clients I work on mobility along side their fitness and health goals to keep them injury free and able to train hard. I’m able to adapt to any fitness goals you’re looking to achieve.

I use many different methods when training my clients such as, Crossfit based circuits, High Intensity Training (HIT) and endurance based methods such as Fartlek training. I have a wide knowledge of many different training methods so I can choose the correct method which fits your goals and ability.


  • CYQ Gym Instructor Level 2
  • CYQ Personal Trainer Level 3


“For the last two years, I’ve cycled through exercise and injury unable to break the chain by myself. Over the last couple of months, Nick has helped me move through this and remain injury-free. It’s exciting to finally think about what my body can do rather than what it can’t. Nick’s been great to work with and I’d happily recommend him as a personal trainer to you.

Many thanks Nick for all of your support these last few months! It’s been great to have your guidance, enthusiasm and sound advice. I was skeptical whether we could stay injury free while creating and maintaining a strong exercise regimen and you did it. It’s been great – for the first time in a long time, I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.”
Edye Hoffmann

“Nick has greatly improved my strength and overall fitness. I can tell as I have done many tests (monitored by Nick) showing a massive 1 max rep increase, as well as people saying I look bigger. He has a huge amount of knowledge about different exercises (as well as a lot about health in general, and advised me on how to have a good diet) increasing strength in not just my major muscles, but also increasing by core, support muscles, e.g. before I never used the stability ball but know I use it regally and my stability is a lot stronger.

He taught me many new exercises which were very effective and that I could do by myself at home or at the gym. As well as this, he has improved my flexibility immensely, which was a weakness of mine. He is always happy to share knowledge, and he is not only an outstanding personal trainer but a very friendly, enthusiastic person”
Lenny Gray

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