My Channel swim

Despite enjoying swimming I have never taken the time or had the foresight to ask a coach for some tips. I have been the classic “I love swimming but struggle to breathe”.

So now I am determined to change all that.

I have therefore found a great challenge which is to swim the channel in the summer.

Swimming the channel will be a real achievement for me. I recommend everyone to always have a goal. A goal is a rudder which steers you in the direction of achievement and satisfaction.

In training for the channel I am keeping a log of the distance I swim which has been on-going since August 2008.

Below is a diary of how I started my training journey.

I will put key points here and achievements:

Total Distance = 400m

Published: 22/02/2009

Getting back into swimming. The maximum lengths I can possibly do front crawl in a row is 3. I find it really hard to breathe with out a mouthful of water.

My breast stroke is good but this stroke is too slow to get me to France.

Total Distance = 2350m

Published: 22/02/2009

After speaking to Edward Williams about some coaching he suggested coming to his group training class for triathletes.

11 lengths warm up, 8 sets of 4, 8 sets of 3, 6 flat out to finish.

It was very hard keeping up with the others, but working together helped me push myself. I still had to stop completely at the end of each length, but continuous front crawl is hard for me. distance = 1550m

Total distance =2750m

Published: 22/02/2009

I am now swimming on my own to improve my technique. Edd suggested keeping my head down and taking shorter breaths.

20 lengths (outside -20m pool)

Distance = 400m

Total Distance = 3150m

Published: 22/02/2009

Today I’m working on my kick turn to improve my speed and increase endurance.

Maximum lengths in a row = 4.

Total Distance = 4650m

Published: 22/02/2009

Today I was working on my kick turn and endurance.

The maximum number of lengths including kick turns was 6, although this was hard.

Total lengths = 75

Distance = 1500m

Total distance =28.650 km

Published: 22/02/2009

Today I swam 20 lengths to warm up. I also did 80 lengths continuously.

Total lengths 100 (20m pool)

Total distance = 2000m

Total distance =43.9km

Published: 22/02/2009

Today I Swam in Abbey pools I wanted to see how many lengths I could do in 60 mins.

Total Lengths = 90

Distance = 2250m

Not bad but I need to get around 120 per hour if I want to finish the channel in under 15 hours.

Total distance =58.9km

Published: 22/02/2009

I swam for 1hour and 50 minutes and did 170 lengths; the furthest I have ever done.

Total distance =65km

Published: 22/02/2009

Testing all my current speeds:

50m = 43 seconds, 100m = 1min 37s , 250m = 4 min 36s

1 hr max = 2250m

Total distance =80km

Published: 22/02/2009

Swimming in group stamina class, I did 30 minutes first and then a further 1 hour in the class.

I was the quickest in the class which is a big step for me because I was not when I first swam in these classes.

My fastest length was 16 seconds (25m)

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