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Micheal Powel – massage therapist in cambridge

Micheal Powel is a highly skilled and effective massage therapist in Cambridge.

Cambridge Massage therapist Background

I qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist in January 2007.   To consolidate my qualification, I worked alongside established Physiotherapists for 2 years at Shelford Rugby Club.  This allowed me to put into practice many techniques and learn invaluable skills.  In the years following on from qualification I have continued to gain experience from treating a wide range of clients.

Working also as a Personal Trainer I understand the functional benefits of deep tissue massage, and appreciate the importance of creating the balance between training and recovery to optimise performance.

About our sports massage  in cambridge

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I specialise in sports massage.  This doesn’t mean you have to be an accomplished athlete to benefit from this style, though.  Basically what it means is that if you have any type of muscular pain, postural deviation, biomechanical imbalance, or overuse injury, sports massage can help. 
I am very good at finding the right spots to work on, and assessing what I believe to be the problem.  This usually includes tightness couples with the antagonist muscles’ being weak.  Through massage, stretching, and some light exercises, we should be able to get you feeling better quickly.

Common injuries helped by massage

Head and neck ache – treated by massage Cambridge
Head and neck ache can be effectively treated using sports massage therapy.  Massage will help to release the tension in the upper neck and shoulders which can transfer to the base of the skull and cause headaches and neck pain.

Sciatica – treated by massage Cambridge
Massage can be an effective treatment for Sciatica, if the sciatica is caused by Piriformis syndrome. Massage will help to release the tension in the piriformis which is causing pressure on the sciatic nerve and causing the condition.

Lower back pain– treated by massage Cambridge
The lower back is were a lot of tall people hold their tension and stress, massage really helps to reduce  and release all the tension in your lower back which will help your whole body move more freely. Two to three massages should really help to release any long term tension in this area.

Swimmers shoulder / impingement syndrome– treated by massage Cambridge
Swimmers shoulder is caused by an imbalance in the muscles leading to a tendency for your shoulder to roll forward and pinch the bicep tendon.  Massage will help to release the tension in the overly tense muscles and also help to allow the weaker muscles to repair.

Shin splints – treated by massage Cambridge
Shin splints can be effectively treated using sports massage, the massage is very quick and only usually requires one to 2 30 minute massages to correct the condition.


•    Level One Crossfit Trainer
•    Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy
•    Certificate in Functional Movement Screening
•    Principles and Practice of Sports Taping
•    YMCA Personal Trainer Award Level 3

Hobbies and Interest:
In my spare time I enjoy training and taking part in sport, particularly competing in triathlons. I am also a keen crossfitter and in wanting to improve my knowledge and understanding I recently completed the level one trainer course.

My main sporting achievements have been. Representing Great Britain for my ages group at the 2013 European championships for the sprint triathlon and the world championship for the sprint aquathon.

Booking a massage with Micheal

He is currently only doing tuesday afternoons and evenings and has slots available from 3pm until 7pm.

Book by contacting mike directly:


Micheal works out of the crossfit gym in milton in the north of Cambridge. CB24 6AT. 

Contact details

Mobile: 07950542454



Duncan Boltt – Personal trainer and massage therapist 

“Mike is a highly skilled and respected massage therapist in Cambridge. 

He has an indepth knowledge of anatomy and there presise location. His style works really well for me, he doesn’t just relax you, she fixes the problems and tension in each location. He is able to relieve pressure and fix an injury in just one session which as a therapist myself I find impressive.”