Duncan Boltt – Achievements through goal setting group

I am lucky to be able to run this goal setting group and Since setting up the group in 2015. Our members and myself have achieved a lot of big steps.

However in November 2016 I have decided to start working on accountability with myself and also adding monthly and quarterly meetings.

I have 3 main passions, health, animals & the environment.

I have set myself the immediate tasks of:

1 – Reducing my own energy consumption. As before I have achieved this I can not truly understand how to do it. I can also not lead others passionately to do the same.


Energy saving

11/10/12 I have installed 4 low energy lights at my gym.

Total saving = 280 w down to 24 w = 256w

Saving so far = 4(days) x 4(hours) x 256 = 4.096 kWh

Animals to date

In 2008 I raised money completing a Marathon Row & we were able to protect 2 acres or threatened wilderness habitat & its wildlife.


Deforestation is something I am passionate about and realising it has been 8 years since I last helped this is a good wake up call for me.

No sugar January

Please join me in my January challenge to quit sugar for the whole month.

Excess sugar in sweets, deserts and drinks is a big health problem most people ignore or are confused about.

By quitting in January you will be helping yourself but also helping to educating those we care about & others around us to the damage excessive sugar has on us.

We will be asking people to quit for 1 month by joining our just giving page.

Sugar in brief:


Is a leading cause of Obesity and can lead to Diabetes, Fatty liver disease, cancer, heart disease and much more so why are we have a healthy fear of excess Fat but take Excess sugar less seriously?

It’ll be a great start to 2017 with a healthy habit.

Share an image of how much sugar they are quitting in a month & nominate a friend or friends they care about.

I need to create a calculator to make this happen.