Goal setting group

Goal setting in Cambridge

Goals guide us in life, and if your reading this chances are you already have goals you want to achieve.

To be your best you need to take time to understand who you are, where you are and what you are currently doing.

Our goal setting workshop does just this.

About our group

This will be the third year we have run the goal setting group and our attendees have achieved a lot. Check out the testimonials and their achievement pages at the base of the page.

Our group aims to be the best we can be, able to strive for achievement but also to be content and enjoy our lives and helping others around us is a big part of that.

On a monthly basis we also meet and work on skills to become better at life. Like minimalism, mindfulness, habits, daily routines. We also will chat about our projects and inspire & support each other in this.

Changes to our world

Each member of our group is encouraged to work on changes they would like to see in the world. By establishing these it helps use first to realise how we can make a difference and by measuring these regularly we are able to see the impact we have.

Goal setting Workshop

Our goal setting method is totally unique in that it allows you to first establish your immediate goals, then we focus on how we will feel having achieved these.

We then focus on what our next set of goals will be and continue this.

This allows you to fast forward through life, to see where your goals will take you and then understand how this will feel.

At the end of the exercise you will have a greater understanding of how your life will map out and this will become a powerful guide in achieving your immediate goals.

Next we will focus on your immediate goals and come up with a structured plan & timeline for achieving these.

Structure and support is the key to our group

Every 3 months we will be resetting our goals & should have achieved all our immediate goals at this point.

Each Month we will be reviewing the goals and covering a specific subject which will help you to better achieve your goals and enjoy life.

2017 Goal setting timetable

December – Habits “Forming powerful habits for change”

January – Goal setting workshop

February – Beliefs & barriers  “Recognising barriers & beliefs”

March – Morning & Daily rituals

April – Goal setting Workshop

May – Habits part 2

June – Barriers & beliefs part 2

July – Goal setting Workshop

August – Powerful Morning & Daily rituals

September – Habits part 3

October – Goal setting workshop

November – Beliefs & barriers Part 3

December – Powerful morning & evening rituals