Louise – Went from Chronic back pain to full strength in 8 weeks

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Louise – Went from Chronic back pain to full strength in 8 weeks

Louise – Went from Chronic back pain to full strength in 8 weeks


When I Louise started training she had a chronic back problem which had troubled her for over 3 months, during this period she had been to see several therapists with no luck.

Louise’s back would constantly ache and get very sore if she performed any exercise particularly any form of upper body. She was unable to work and was faced with the possibility of losing her job if she did not improve.


Week 1 – After just one she had almost completely got rid of the pain

Week 2 – Pain gone

Week 3 – able to use arms (lightly) with out hurting back

Week 4 – No pain and getting much stronger

Week 6 – Started Kick boxing!

Week 8 – Back to full strength – able to do press ups and much more.

How we did this:

Firstly Louise deserves most of the credit, she was very determined and worked hard to get the results.

Louise injured her back pulling something heavy. This had caused her back to go into shock. It was clear to me that her body was very sensitive and cautious with exercise. This is why any exercise was causing it to lock up, because the body was still in shock.

The first stage was to get her back confident that exercise wasn’t going to hurt her back, also improving the balance and co-ordination of her feet, ankles, knees and hips. Also concentrating on stretching, as her muscles had become tense and the tension was unbalanced.

I was then working on reprogramming faulty muscle patterns. When injured and through bad habits the body will often be using the wrong muscle to perform an action, causing chronic problems.

So we assessed most movements and reprogrammed these muscles were necessary.

We didn’t just concentrate on core stability, each joint has its own stability, so we concentrated on each of these, building a strong and complete core unit.

I was incredibly satisfied with Louise’s results, the fact that she now does Kick boxing shows how strong and confident she now is.
What Louise says:

“It was great training with Duncan in that he observed and understood which muscles were not working within my back and my whole body structure. Up until that point I had spent a few months knowing that there was a muscular-skeletal issue, but not knowing how to stop it from getting worse. It did feel as if my body was a problem that was in control of me, and not that I was in control of my muscles fully. When we started training, Duncan did a full assessment of what was happening in my back and the rest of my body and I immediately had faith that the problem would be solved.

We started the program with gentle exercises, and week by week we upped the tempo. I was given simple exercises for core strength to do at home in between sessions. Every step of the way Duncan gave explanations as to which muscles were being employed, how each exercise would move my fitness forwards and exactly how it worked. Therefore I started to feel more in control of what was happening in my back and gained in confidence rapidly, both consciously and unconsciously.

I now feel back to my previous level of fitness, if not stronger! And as Duncan said, I have now taken up kickboxing, which also bears testament to the fact that I have made a full and efficient recovery.”

Duncan Boltt – Cambridge fitness Personal trainer

Nice Tri 2 – Sprint triathlon in Cambridgeshire

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The nice tri 2 is Located in the riverside park its a 750m swim in the river Great Ouse followed by a 25km bike loop finishing with a 2 lap scenic 5km run around the Riverside Park.

When is the sprint triathlon:

Sunday 17 June 2012 8 am Start

What is it:
Sprint Distance: 750m swim | 25k bike | 5k run
bike / 2.5k run

Super Distance: 400m swim | 8.5k

Where is it
Riverside Park,St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Contact details

Website: www.nicetri.co.uk/index.php?id=246

Bushy 10km – Peterborough

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The Bush 10km is a fast flat 10km race. It is located near peterburough so is nice and local.

When is the Bushy 10km race:
8th of july 2012

Where is the Bushy 10km race:

Bushrield Sports centre,

Orton southgate,




For more information visit:

Contact details

Website: www.bushfieldjoggers.co.uk/19.html

Spartan race in Cambridge 2012

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Spartan race in Cambridge 2012

The Spartan race is fantastic fun. It is a 3 mile assault course in royston. Obstacle include:

  1. War Charge: the beginning sprint
  2. Leap of Faith: runners must “leap” over a flaming bale of hay
  3. The Mud Pit: crossing a murky muddy trench
  4. Mystery Element?: the signature element varying from course to course
  5. Mt. Impossible: 8′ wall climb
  6. Heroes Spear Throw: racers must grab a custom made Spartan spear and throw it at a predetermined target
  7. Dark Tunnel:crawl through a mud covered tunnel
  8. The Fallen: Spartan Warriors are stationed and waiting to fend off unsuspecting participants
  9. Enemies Trap: cargo net
  10. Slippery Victory: a greased up 12′ slippery wall built at a 45 degree angle
  11. Barbed Crawl: a crawl through barbed-wire
  12. Scrambling Spartan: the final charge to the finish line.

Where is the cambridge spartan race:

Bassingbourn Barracks Royston Hertfordshire S G8 5LX

When is the Cambridge Spartan Race:

The 29th july 2012

How to enter the Cambridge spartan race:

Contact details

Website: www.spartanrace.com/cambridge-obstacle-racing-spartan-sprint.html

Cambridge Local Sports events list 2014

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Cambridge Local Sports events list 2014

I have put together a diverse list of sports events to take part in and around Cambridge in 2014. So if you enjoy a challenge and are looking for some local sports events check these out, also if you can think of any you think would be good on the list let me know.

February – Sport events in cambridge 2014
Cambridge park run 5km race every Saturday in Milton
Mud n madness – adventure race in Upminster 8th Febuary 2014
Gladi8tor – Thetford 22nd Febuary
Colledge lent bumps

March – Sport events in cambridge 2014
Cambridge park run 5km race every Saturday in Milton
Swavesey half marathon sunday 2nd March
Cambridge half marathon 9th March 2014

The Cambridge Boundary Run
Cambridge, Sunday 2nd March 2014 – 26.2 miles.

April – Sport events in cambridge 2014
Cambridge park run 5km race every Saturday in Milton
Cambourne 10km 6th April 2014
Cambridge 100mile bike ride 27th of April 2014
Cambridge duathlon 13th April 2014

May – Sport events in cambridge 2014
Cambridge park run 5km race every Saturday in Milton
St neots Triathlons 11th May
Hoohaah 5 & 10km race – 18th May – Raising money for EACH
Fen Drayton 10km Run 4th of May 2014
Bike ride to reach fair – 5 may

June – Sport events in cambridge 2014
Cambridge park run 5km race every Saturday in Milton
The flaming june half marathon – 1st june -Histon & impington
Cambridge triathlon 15th June – held in mepal
Go Insane Cambridge (Doddington) – 5 & 10km Obstacle course 22nd of June 2014

July – Sport events in cambridge 2014
Cambridge park run 5km race every Saturday in Milton
Cambridge Race for life 5km 20th of July 2014
Anglian Water Swim- 1,2 & 3 mile swims 21st July
Town bumps – Cambridge rowing bumps 22-25th July 2014
Tour de France – through cambridge 7th July
London to cambridge cycle 27 July

August – Sport events in cambridge 2014
Cambridge park run 5km race every Saturday in Milton
St Neots triathlon – 31st August

September – Sport events in cambridge 2014
Cambridge park run 5km race every Saturday in Milton
Cambridge dragon boat festival 6th of September 2014
Cambridge Spartan race – 7th September 2014
Chariots of fire 21 September 2014
City of Cambridge Triathlon – TBC

October – Sport events in cambridge 2014
Cambridge park run 5km race every Saturday in Milton
Zombie evacuation race
Cambridge town and gown 10km race October
Hoohaah 10mile & half marathon race – 5th October – Raising money for EACH

November – Sport events in cambridge 2014
Ice skating rink opens on Parkers piece
Cambridge park run 5km race every Saturday in Milton
Histon 10km Race 2nd November 2014

December – Sport events in cambridge 2014
Granchester barel race – 26th December
Cambridge park run 5km race every Saturday in Milton
Santa run Cambridge – 16th December 2014
If you would like me to add any events please email me below.

Contact details

Email: duncan@cambridgefitness.co.uk

Our clients take on 100 mile cycle, Gaelforce West & more

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Our clients take on 100 mile cycle, Gaelforce West & more

Phil & Clara’s big challenge this year is to do the 100 mile cycle, ride london on the 10th of August. They won’t stop there though they will also be doing the Gaelforce West challenge for the second year running just 6 days later.

The Gaelforce West is the largest adventure race of its kind, it is 67km of:

Beach running, Kayaking, bog running, cycling, mountain hiking up to the top of Croagh Patrick, then a cycle and run to the finish line.

I have been training Phil & Clara together for a few years now, in to our second year of training the both decided to take on some challenges and they are really hooked now.

They are going on long cycles every weekend at the moment to prepare for the 100 miles. They have also completed the Cambridge Swarm cycle and the Newmarket Hilly.

They are getting fantastic results because of all the cycling, and after all their training this year & last you can definitely say they are fit endurance athletes now able to take on tough challenges. This is no small achievement and takes more than a couple of years work, but stays with you.

If you live near cambridge & would like to take on any challenge even the Gaelforce challenge having a personal trainer to guide you can really help to get started.

Contact details

Website: www.gaelforceevents.com

Cambridge Bumps July 2014

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Cambridge Bumps July 2014

Ed Miller Rowed in the first team boat for Express in This years Bumps in Cambridge.
“I was rowing for X-press Clubs M1 (men’s 1st) boat.

We were unlucky on the first night, catching Chesterton, but they bumped up before we got the chance to get them.
We bumped Champs on Wednesday night after 500m
We bumped Chesterton on the Thursday night, 300m before the finish, on the reach
We caught Cantabridgian club on the friday, getting within a couple of metres, but not quite able to bump them…”

If you haven’t seen the bumps in cambridge check out the video, its a great competition.

How the Bumps works:

Each boat starts 2 boat lengths apart, They go on the Cannon.

The aim is to bump the boat in front of them, this can either be done by actually bumping them or by overlapping them until the Cox concedes.

It is a 4 night event, so the following night they take the place of the boat they have bumped, stay in the same place if they have rowed with out bumping (rowing over) or they go back a space if they were bumped.

Here is a go pro video from the first night:

Contact details

Website: youtu.be/n1WdeUXlLMM

Nikhil – Totally Blind Champion

Category: Client success stories | Published : October 24, 2016

Nikhil – Totally Blind Champion

I am writing this as Nikhil is a real inspiration to anyone seeking to achieve anything in health, sport & life.

When Nikhil started his personal training in May 2013 he was 17 stone 1, he is now 13 stone 7 so has lost over 50 pounds in weight. Most of this he lost in the first 6 months of his training.

His general health, fitness and activity levels have continued to improved a lot in the last year.

Nikhil is totally blind but you really can’t tell and have spoken to a quite a few people who know him including a local shop owner who were convinced he is only partially sighted because he is incredibly comfortable and confident, I routinely forget but Nikhil is at such ease and it really doesn’t hinder him from living his life to the full.

To add to all this weight loss success he has had a fantastic year with sport.

First winning the Cambridge mens tennis tournament (totally blind category)

His Cricket team won the final of the development t20 knock out cup.

He also came 2nd in the National Visualy impaired tennis championship. Both in the singles and the doubles.

Here in his own words:

“Sporting successes in the last few months: I won the men’s singles (totally
blind category) at the Cambridge tennis tournament in late July,
successfully defending my title from 2013. In August, my cricket team,
Metro Devils, won the final of the development t20 knock-out cup: I scored
22 off 12 balls, including a boundary off the penultimate ball to win the
More recently, I was runner-up in the B1 (totally blind) singles at the
National Visually Impaired Tennis Championship, which was held at the NTC
(National Tennis Centre) on 4th-5th October. The final was very tight
indeed, and I lost by a single mini-break in a tie-break (though I’d be the
first to admit I was beaten by a fantastic shot).”

Nikhil is a fantastic bloke and a pleasure to train.

If your inspired by this or you know someone who could benefit from the knowledge and structure of one of our personal trainers please contact us for a free consultation.

Contact details

Website: www.cambridgefitness.co.uk/contactus/#consultation

What did I learn from the wolf?

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What did I learn from the wolf?

Last Friday I did a one day course with Jordan Belfort “The wolf of wall street”
There are two clear skills Jordan possesses that made him able to make 50,000 000 / year and have a team of 1000 people woking effectively for him:
1) He is a fantastic sales man
2) Just as importantly he is able to coach these sales skills to others – this is rare.

Firstly sales:
Jordan is a very gifted at this, he has been tested and massively out performs other salesmen. The story he told us was a great example:
He was submitted to testing on his sales ability and asked to sell cows to a farmer. In the test when Jordan closes and the actor cant help but buy the cows then bursts into laughter because he was paid to not say yes under any circumstances. But Jordan just is that good.
No one had been able to do this before in any of the tests.
So what separated Jordan from the rest?

Preparation – Jordan spent 2 hours preparing notes and learning all about the farm and cows. When he went into the meeting he was an expert and he had planned everything and knew all the upsides and downside for the farmer.
The longest any other salesman had prepared was 10 minutes.

When asked about the 2 hours, he said how can I sell him the cows if I am not an expert in that field?

For me this is powerful, it shows that Jordan’s success is no fluke and requires hard work.

Points to learn from Jordan:
Prepare – Know your market back to back
product know your product, finally know your customer its easy to predict what positives your product will have for them and what negatives it will take them away from.
Inspire people – People buy things because they are inspired by what that thing will do for them. Everyone wants to be inspired so inspire them by your product, if its not for them and they are not genuinely inspired by the positive influence it will have in their life they wont buy it.
But this is important – When your selling something your job is to inspire them about your product or you are doing them a disservice.

Make a positive first impression:
Jordan quotes a Harvard’s study on this one, you have 4 seconds to make a first impression, if you don’t make a positive one it will take upto 25 other meetings before you can have that back.
First impressions come down to the following:
in 4 seconds you need to convey:
1)your sharp as a tack
2)your enthusiastic
3)your an expert

On the phone this is done in the tonality of your voice, in person it is done with tonality and body language.

Finally Jordans sales technique
Its called the straight line system. It involves getting a person from Open to close across a straight line.

In the sale you must take someone from the open to the close and by the close you must have them committing to the 3 tens.

  1. they must love your product (10 out of 10)
  2. They must trust & connect to you )(10/10)
  3. They must trust and connect to your company (10/10)

So if you want to use this:
Take your time to prepare your pitch around your customers needs. Make sure you have a compelling argument as to hit the 3 tens. Finally practice and remember the first impression tonality.

Jordan as a coach:
Jordan could not have reached the heights he reached with out his talent to inspire and teach his team how to sell.
He had a few key approaches:

  1. He does a daily speech to his team, changing their state to a positive and passionate one.
  2. He has a powerful vision for his company which people follow.
  3. He is very skilled at building sales systems for his staff. Not just relying on them to sell or ale their own. He breaks down what works through trial and error and eventually builds the perfect system.

Finally here are a few key motivational things I got from the day with Jordan:

Change your perspective on selling, its a positive thing. Especially if your product is in the health industry. People go to health professionals because they know they need help and guidance. To not inspire that person to change is to let them down, it takes a lot to seek out and ask for help to not inspire them into this changing is to let them down.

Make things a must! – You learnt to speak because you had to it was hard but you had to learn, you learnt to drive because you had to..
Build the roots to create the fruits. – Invest yourself, education, software, team, hardware

Most people think they have a fear of failure, Jordan thinks its deeper than just that. Its not their fear of failing thats the problem its their belief that they do not have the skills to succeed.

Make your goals focused not just on what you will gain but what others around you will gain. For me this is very powerful I am much more motivated to help friends and family have the things they truly want in life than myself as I already have my standards.

15 Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy this 2014 Festive Season

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15 Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy this 2014 Festive Season

15 Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy this 2014 Festive Season

At Cambridge Fitness we understand that keeping fit and slim is hard. Especially when you are faced with the temptations of the festive season. Chocolates, alcohol and distractions make it harder and harder to stick your own goals and plans.

We understand that eating clean and working out 5 times a week (especially around the Christmas season) can be tough. We all have “cheats” meals or days where we eat whatever we like and so we should now and again. We are human after all. However, you should earn the “right” to be able to indulge in those “cheat” meals and days, minus the guilty conscience.

Here are 15 TIPS help you resist urges and keep you healthier year-round.

  1. Control you’re drinking – It comes to a surprise to many that Alcohol is an easy way to add the calories. Avoid mixed and fruity drinks. And avoid the Egg Nog, as it has at least 350 calories per serving.
  2. Make workouts a priority – Try early morning workouts. When you write our any to-do lists, try and prioritize your diet and working out. This will make a big difference.
  3. Eat before you go – You will be less tempted to overindulge if you have already eaten. This means not skipping breakfast and always ensuring that you are full before going into town or somewhere with a lot of food temptations.
  4. Choose treats wisely – Pick something you only have during the holidays and not something that is available all of the time. E.g. Christmas pudding.
  5. Don’t skip meals – While it might be tempting to skip meals thinking that will make up for the holiday treats, it is actually counterproductive and can lead to binge eating.
  6. Don’t set unrealistic exercise goals – Aim to exercise 30 minutes a day, instead of an hour. It’s alright to divide it up into 10 minute intervals during the day.
  7. Exercise whenever you can – Exercise doesn’t mean just at the gym. Park a distance from the store, use the stairs. Try to keep as active throughout the day as you can and constantly increase the blood flow and movement.
  8. Make it a family affair – Plan activities to do, such as walking the neighbourhood to view the holiday lights.
  9. Eat more, buy less – Hunger makes you spend more – and not just in supermarkets, according to a University of Cambridge report. So have a square meal before you start your present-hunt10 Get a good night’s sleep
  10. Don’t forget strength training – Maintain your muscle mass by paring down your routine to basics.
  11. Drink plenty of water – Water helps counter the dehydrating effects of travel or alcoholic beverages. Water will also help satiate your appetite as thirst is often mistaken for hunger.
  12. Spread out your meals – Don’t eat everything at once. Eat dinner early and walk before having dessert.
  13. Don’t attempt to stick to an unrealistic diet during the Holidays – If you enjoy your favourite foods in small portions, you will feel more satisfied. Trying to stay away from certain foods may cause you to eat more than you intended.
  14. Go for a morning run. Watch your weight come down as the sun comes up. Sunshine is a great source of vitamin D, which researchers believe can also help keep you trim. A Minnesota study has linked low levels of the vitamin pre-diet to sluggish weight loss.
  15. Take a snap to stop snacking. December doesn’t have to be a blow-out if you keep a food diary. In a study of 1,700 volunteers, those who kept an accurate account of what they ate lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t. Photograph everything you eat and drink on your mobile phone, or use the Food Scanner app from www.dailyburn.com, and you’ll be put off overindulging. Rick Wilson, director of nutrition and dietetics at King’s College Hospital, says: “Any trick that gives you a snapshot of your diet will raise your awareness of what you eat.”

Sticking to these tips the best you can will ensure a slimmer, healthier version of you throughout the festive season.

On behalf of the Cambridge Fitness Team, we’d like to wish you the best of luck with your fitness journey and hope you have a fantastic Christmas.

If you’d like to chat with us why not send a message to our Facebook page? We’d be happy to respond.